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Airlines could generate €6 million more ancillary revenue per year with comtrade digital services"™ Adnexa platform
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Airlines could generate €6 million more ancillary revenue per year with comtrade digital services"™ Adnexa platform

Comtrade Digital Services today announced that it has developed a digital platform that could make airlines €6 million in ancillary revenue per year*. Adnexa is a fully automated system which pairs passenger data with relevant advertising content.

The application, unveiled at the Aviation Festival in Singapore on 27th-28th February, enables advertisers to create custom-made campaigns which will be matched with passenger profiles within their target audience.

Through the advanced platform, airlines will have control over what advertising content their passengers are exposed to and also through which channels, be it boarding passes, booking confirmations or in-flight entertainment. The tool will help to grow profits for airlines by generating a steady and easily-managed revenue stream.

As well as creating additional revenue, Adnexa will improve the passenger experience, allowing travellers to only see advertising content that is relevant to their personal profile and travel preferences. This, in turn, makes the campaigns more targeted and effective.

Adnexa is built to manage a high volume of advertising placements and helps to turn these impressions into revenue without burdening either airlines, advertisers or passengers with unwanted technology.

The adaptable solution, which can be tailored to the specific needs of an airline company, utilises an advanced algorithm to create a transparent auction-based digital advertising marketplace, allowing advertisers to submit pre-paid campaigns which leverage passenger data. This means that targeted advertisements are served to individual passengers on individual routes, automatically. It also means that advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns and track the success of same in real-time.

Speaking about the online application, Marko Javornik, VP/GM Mobility & Travel at Comtrade Digital Services, said: "The airline business is being commoditised and pressured for profits. Airlines need to look into their digital assets and monetise them properly, so they can be successful in the new era. Targeted advertising is a great additional revenue stream that airlines have not embraced yet in a fully modern and digital way. Adnexa allows them to do this in a simple way, covering multiple channels and maximising the return…

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