ALTA/IATA fuel committee

Established in 2005, the ALTA/IATA Fuel Committee works together with local boards of airline representatives (BARs) to identify areas of opportunity to reduce and avoid unjustified costs and charges related to fuel supply in the region. In addition, the fuel committee is reinvigorating its focus on improving the fuel infrastructure in the region by working closely together with suppliers, governments and airports.

The Committee strives to ensure that current fees and charges are in accordance with industry policies dictated by ICAO. The objective of the committee includes the coordination of efforts to guarantee an adequate cost structure and efficient infrastructure, and to identify possible synergies between airport operators, fuel suppliers, and users. It aims to promote the best practices in the provision of jet fuel in terms of quality, safety, transparency, and users’ consultation.

The ALTA/IATA Fuel Committee is comprised of aviation fuel related organizations, including fuel suppliers and brokers, into plane (ITP), providers, aviation fuel infrastructure and equipment providers, fuel price assessment companies, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producers, and others…

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