American Airlines CEO reveals when he would feel safe flying on the Boeing 737 Max again

With the safety of the 737 Max in question, many in the public will likely have reservations about flying on the plane. In fact, a poll conducted by Business Insider a week after the Ethiopian Airlines crash showed that 53% of American adults would not want to fly on a Boeing 737 Max even after the FAA clears the aircraft for service.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker told Business Insider in a recent interview that the by the time the 737 Max has been recertified by the FAA and is flying again, the airline «will have 100% certainty that airplane is safe.»
«Our focus right now is working with the regulators and our pilots and with Boeing to get to a point that we all feel comfortable the aircraft is safe, it won’t be flying until everyone is comfortable about that,» Parker told us.

The long-time airline CEO also noted that if his pilots feel the 737 Max is safe, then so will he…

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