American Airlines to spend $6 million on 3-D bag scanners for airports

The airline is investing in 3-D carry-on bag screeners that should speed up the security process.
The scanners still need to be approved by the Transportation Security Administration.

The carrier is buying 3-D carry-on bag screeners and will deploy them at airports once the machines get fully certified by the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is currently testing the CT scanners built by Massachusetts-based Analogic.

«We are always looking at ways to invest in technology that enhances global aviation security while improving the customer experience,» said Kerry Philipovitch, American Airlines senior vice president of customer experience.

For the last two weeks, the TSA has been testing a next generation 3-D bag screener in Phoenix.

3-D scanners not only give TSA agents a clearer view of potential problems in bags, including explosives, but the machines are designed to go twice as fast checking carry-on bags.

The Department of Homeland Security is considering an expanded laptop ban for international flights due to intelligence leads that suggest a greater possibility of terrorists using one or more laptops to detonate a bomb.

For the last several months, passengers on certain flights from the Middle East to the U.S. have been forced to put laptop computers in checked luggage…

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