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Avianca to return to London this weekend
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Avianca to return to London this weekend

Avianca will reactivate its London-Bogotá route this weekend, with flight AV0121 set to take off from Heathrow on Sunday.

This will be the longest flight operated by the company in a new generation Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

This route, suspended due to the pandemic in 2020, had one of the highest occupation levels in the long-haul branch of the company with factors above 85 per cent and more than 75,000 passengers transported in 2019.

“With this reactivation we are putting into the market around 7,000 new monthly seats that will boost connectivity, not just between the United Kingdom and Colombia, but also with the rest of Latin America.

“Evidently, this will translate in more tourism, business exchange and economic opportunities for both regions,” said Catalina Nannig, Avianca sales and distribution vice-president.

From the Avianca hub in Bogotá, passengers from the United Kingdom will easily be able to travel to the main tourist destinations in Colombia such as Cartagena, Cali and Medellín (Colombia), but also to other locations in Latin America like Perú, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, México and many more…

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