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Avianca upgraded its 2019 Dreamliner deliveries to the B787-9
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Avianca upgraded its 2019 Dreamliner deliveries to the B787-9

Avianca upgraded its B787 deliveries for 2019 to the 787-9 version, which will be Avianca"™s largest aircraft, enabling the carrier to transport 281 passengers in economy and 28 in business class for a total of 309 passengers.

Avianca also incorporated Latin America"™s first A321neo in the fourth quarter. The A321neo seats 195 passengers and its configuration that allows for increased revenue potential and flexibility. In 2018, the carrier further concluded a transaction that incorporates the first A330-300 in Latin America into Avianca’s fleet, increasing its capacity also in this type of aircraft.

Avianca reached new horizons from a financial stand point, closing the first JOLCO transactions in the Asian market for the carrier, allowing the airline to access more efficient financial structures, as well as increasing its Liquidity ratios to strengthen the balance sheet. In addition to this, Avianca set up important initiatives that have driven towards significant efficiencies and value creation, which are reflected in its 2017 full year financial results…

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