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BA boss Cruz sets out "˜two airlines in one"™ strategy
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BA boss Cruz sets out "˜two airlines in one"™ strategy

The boss of British Airways has disclosed plans to split the airline in two.

The aim of the "two airlines in one" strategy is to make it a premium carrier at the front of its aircraft and a budget one at the back.

The disclosure by chairman and chief executive Alex Cruz came as part of an in-depth report in BA"™s recent woes "“ including the May computer glitch and ongoing cabin crew strike action "“ published by the Sunday Times Magazine.

The former boss of Spanish low cost carrier Vueling admitted BA was off its game. "We are falling behind. We have work to do," he told the newspaper.

Cruz outlined a radical plan to split the airline into two "“ a budget airline and a upmarket one "“ which he said would make BA a "fantastic, unbelievable, 10 out of 10" carrier again.

"The best airline in Britain, and the best airline in Europe," he reportedly said. The market has polarised, he explained.

The rise of no-frills carriers, notably easyJet and Ryanair in short haul and Norwegian in long haul, has made the economy class market "a commodity product. What people want is a cheap ticket," he said…

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