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Brazil returns to uneasy calm as protests wind down
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Brazil returns to uneasy calm as protests wind down

Brazil showed signs of returning to normal on Thursday as an oil workers union ended a strike ahead of schedule and an 11-day trucker protest wound down, a welcome breather for a government suffering from rock-bottom approval levels.

Oil workers union FUP unexpectedly recommended on Thursday that members suspend a 72-hour strike they began on Wednesday after a court said the organization would be fined if it continued.

Meanwhile, the truckers protest, which has strangled much of Brazil"™s economy for 11 days, petered out. Brazil"™s minister of institutional security, Sergio Etchegoyen, said all roadblocks had been removed, though isolated groups of truckers were still causing problems.

The end of the strike is some rare good news for President Michel Temer, Brazil"™s least popular president since its return to democracy in the 1980s. The protests – which were widely supported by Brazilians – had seen calls among some strikers and fringe groups for a military coup. Temer said this week that there was "zero chance" of such an intervention…

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