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Canadians to benefit from expanded air transport agreement with Chile
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Canadians to benefit from expanded air transport agreement with Chile

From visiting friends and family, to getting goods to markets around the world, Canadians rely on a robust aviation industry with diverse international air services. Expanding Canada’s existing air transport relationships allows airlines to introduce more flight options and routes, which benefit passengers and businesses by providing greater choice and convenience.

Today, the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, announced that Canada has successfully expanded its existing air transport agreement with Chile. The original Canada-Chile agreement entered into force in February 2005 and provides an unlimited number of direct flights for airlines between both countries.

The expanded agreement includes:

  • More flexibility to operate “fifth freedom” passenger services, which allow airlines to stop in third countries to pick up and discharge passengers en route to the final destination in Canada or Chile;
  • A fully open and flexible code-sharing regime, including with third-country airlines. Code-sharing occurs when an air carrier sells seats on a flight operated by another air carrier, allowing it to expand its network and product offerings; and
  • A fully open all-cargo regime, including unlimited fifth freedom rights.

These amendments take effect immediately.

“The Government of Canada is working to help the Canadian air industry increase its access to international markets. This, in turn, supports an expansion of trade, tourism and people-to-people links, which benefits all Canadians” said Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport.

“The expanded Canada-Chile Air Transport Agreement will improve market access for passenger and cargo services, and make it easier for businesses to grow into this dynamic market. It’s a step forward for businesses looking to expand in the region and will help generate wealth, opportunity and ultimately jobs for Canadians” said the Minister of International Trade Diversification, Jim Carr.

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