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Caribbean Airlines Cargo carries Covid-19 vaccines to Jamaica
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Caribbean Airlines Cargo carries Covid-19 vaccines to Jamaica

On May 30, Caribbean Airlines Cargo delivered 55,200 doses of Covid-19 vaccines to Jamaica. The life-saving shipment was carried through a scheduled all-cargo flight, originating in Miami.

Over the past two months, the carrier has shipped a significant number of vaccines to Guyana, Barbados, Dominica and Trinidad. These shipments included temperature-sensitive vaccines such as Astrazeneca and Sinopharm, transported via the airline’s gateways in Toronto and Miami.

“Caribbean Airlines salutes health care professionals for their tireless work, rolling out inoculation programmes while meeting the heightened demand of the health care system. We are also grateful to each and every frontline worker for their essential service and are humbled to contribute to Covid-19 recovery efforts,” said Marklan Moseley, General Manager – Cargo and New Business, Caribbean-Airlines.

The carrier recently expanded its weekly all-cargo service in Jamaica, increasing capacity to serve rising demand in the country. Caribbean Airlines Cargo also currently provides cargo services to and from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, New York, Antigua and Bahamas and can facilitate transport to several other destinations through its cargo charter service.

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