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China Airlines offers passengers carbon footprint offset tool
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China Airlines offers passengers carbon footprint offset tool

Taiwan’s China Airlines (CAL) is allowing passengers to calculate and offset their carbon footprint when booking a flight online.

The carrier partnered with UK environmental organization ClimateCare to introduce the program, known as ECO TRAVEL Carbon Offsetting.

After calculating their personal CO2 emissions for a journey, passengers can offset their carbon footprint by supporting ClimateCare projects.

A CAL passenger flying from Taipei to Los Angeles, for example, would generate 1.66 tonnes of CO2, according to the calculator, which could be offset with $17.18 for a ClimateCare project. Calculations are based on fuel consumption as well as passenger and cargo loads.

“Travelers can then make their journey effectively carbon neutral by offsetting their carbon footprint with environmentally friendly and sustainable carbon reduction projects offered by ClimateCare,” CAL said in a statement. “Travelers’ participation in international sustainability initiatives allows them to become an active part of the global effort to ensure the environmental sustainability of planet Earth”…

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