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Ecuador, US Formally Commence Open Skies Pact
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Ecuador, US Formally Commence Open Skies Pact

Ecuador and the US have signed an Open Skies agreement, allowing for the expansion of passenger and cargo flights between the two countries.

According to the US State Department, the US and Ecuador had already been applying the terms of the agreement on the basis of comity and reciprocity since negotiations concluded in December 2021.

Data from Aviation Week’s CAPA show the US is Ecuador’s largest international market measured by departing available seat kilometers.

Presently, American Airlines is the largest operator between the US and Ecuador with a 34% seat share, followed by JetBlue Airways’ share of 25%. Both Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines each have a 9% share.

LATAM Airlines Group has an 8.5% share of the US-Ecuador market and United Airlines’ share is 6%…

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