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El Salvador Airport targets cargo with new terminal
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El Salvador Airport targets cargo with new terminal

El Salvador Airport has awarded German airport management firm Munich Airport International (MAI) and construction company EMCO a concession to develop and operate a new cargo terminal at the hub.

The concession is expected to start this year and will last for 40 years. While a new terminal will eventually be built, the first 15 years of the concession will cover the operation and development of the existing air cargo terminal, with $13m dedicated to upgrading the facility and operations expected to transfer over during the first quarter of 2021.

On the new terminal, plans are still at an early stage, but close to $44m will be spent on its development. Today’s cargo capacity at the airport is around 25,000 tonnes per year but capacity will go up to 72,000 tonnes per year with new cargo terminal.

MAI will provide management and advisory services for the cargo terminal atg all stages, including asset transition and takeover, operations management, service level and standard procedures setup and implementation, cargo business development, cargo-related training, as well as expertise across various areas of airport development and management to maximize productivity and efficiency levels…

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