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Eurocontrol, Brazil ATC begin long-haul flight data exchange
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Eurocontrol, Brazil ATC begin long-haul flight data exchange

European air traffic management (ATM) organization Eurocontrol and Brazil’s department of airspace control DECEA have begun exchanging long-haul flight data in real time in a bid to increase airspace capacity.

The first time the Eurocontrol network manager (NM) confirmed the reception and processing of data from DECEA was on Nov. 21, Eurocontrol said Dec. 18. On that day, Eurocontrol’s enhanced tactical flow management system (ETFMS) received first system activation (FSA) messages—including flight level, entry time and position. Real-time updates for approximately 100 flights per day between Europe and Brazil—50 in each direction—are now being exchanged.

Both partners expect improved predictability of traffic flows and more accurate information.

“ATM predictability is a major enabler of capacity, and air traffic control centers and airports will directly benefit,” Eurocontrol said. Eurocontrol added that the ability to share and exchange flight information between Eurocontrol’s NM and DECEA was largely made possible with support from the NM’s B2B web service interface. By using B2B, Eurocontrol said, both parties developed the interface that enables exchanging flight plan activations and en-route updates…

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