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FAA bans US flights over Venezuela
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FAA bans US flights over Venezuela

FAA has issued an emergency order banning all flight operations by US pilots and carriers in Venezuelan airspace, citing “increasing political instability and tensions” and the “associated inadvertent risk to flight operations” stemming from the deteriorating political situation in the country.

Mass protests have broken out in Caracas this week as opposition leader Juan Guaidó challenges the Venezuelan president.

FAA, in an April 30 notice to airmen (NOTAM), said it was banning all US carriers, as well as US citizens holding FAA-issued airman certificates or operating US-registered aircraft, from flying below 26,000ft. The emergency order states that non-US carriers, as well as foreign holders of FAA-issued airman certificates and foreign operators of aircraft registered in the US will be able to continue flying over the country.

The NOTAM provided all affected pilots in Venezuelan territory or airspace 48 hours to vacate the country, allowing for pilots to overstay that period only in “an emergency that requires immediate action for the safety” of the pilot or flight. The notice also states that flights will still be permitted over the country by persons with authorization from an agency of the US government…

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