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Flybondi continues its expansion in South America
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Flybondi continues its expansion in South America

Flybondi continues its expansion in the Region. After starting its international operation in December 2018 for Paraguay and Uruguay, it has just started the administrative, contractual and regulatory process to start its operations in Brazil.

On Friday, February 15, the company received the authorization of legal operation from the aeronautical authority of the country, ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation), which is the first step necessary to continue the process.

Flybondi has more than 60 routes granted to fly to Brazil and is in the analysis stage of which will be the first to start in the course of 2019. The first ultra low cost airline will seek to enter the Brazilian market to give the freedom to fly to thousands more people and always with the lowest rates in the market.

Flybondi started flying in Argentina at the beginning of 2018 and already has an 8% market share. On Friday, February 15, another great milestone was celebrated: it reached one million passengers transported, of which more than 140,000 are people who traveled by plane for the first time in their lives. to its passenger number 1 million.

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