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Fortaleza: a New Hub to Connect Latin America with the World
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Fortaleza: a New Hub to Connect Latin America with the World

As Air France-KLM and Gol Líneas Aéreas started its hub operations in Fortaleza, Brazil, ALTA expressed the importance of this new center of connection between Europe, the United States and South America.

In an interview with Diario do Nordeste, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Executive Director of ALTA, commented the impact of this news for the development of the industry in the country, due to the increase in passengers, local tourism, demand of services (restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.) and plenty new job opportunities. It is expected that each passenger will generate around 3 or 4 additional jobs in the city.

De Oliveira commented: "Panama was the Panama Canal 15 years ago. Today, 22% of its economy is tied to aviation with the Hub of the Americas. Fortaleza"™s potential to have a hub like Panama"™s is huge and it can be achieved with investment in adequate infrastructure and cost reduction policies, since Brazil has the most expensive fuel costs in the world, representing practically 25% of the operating costs of an airline."

Fortaleza is opening to the world and will allow more people in Latin America to take advantage of air transport. The Fortaleza airport has the support of Fraport "one of the largest airport operators in the world, with airports in Germany, Turkey, China, Peru, among others. Fraport has all the conditions for an excellent terminal operation, attracting businesses to the airport and the city", added de Oliveira.

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