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GOL building back domestic network to near pre-COVID-19 level
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GOL building back domestic network to near pre-COVID-19 level

Brazilian LCC GOL expects to operate 78% of its pre-COVID-19 pandemic fleet in the fourth quarter as it works toward restoring its full domestic network by year-end.

GOL and its rival Azul Brazilian Airlines have been adding back capacity faster than airlines operating elsewhere as non-corporate demand within Brazil continues to steadily climb. Nevertheless, Brazil’s domestic passenger levels were down 61% year-on-year in September.

Despite the still-significant decreases in passengers, GOL believes sequential, month-to-month trends are encouraging. During September, the airline posted a 60% increase in ticket sales compared with August, and gross sales for the third quarter grew by 132% compared with the second quarter.

“The number of customers flying with us tripled in Q3 compared to the previous quarter, which is a remarkable rebound given the challenging market environment,” GOL CEO Paulo Kakinoff said…

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