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Google can now predict flight delays before your airline
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Google can now predict flight delays before your airline

If you don"™t trust your airline to tip you off about flight delays, you will love the latest feature on Google Flights.

Google"™s flight booking product can now predict delayed flights even before your airline can. How, you ask? Google Flights will use a smart combination of historical data and artificial intelligence to provide live updates. What"™s more, you will also know why your flight is late: was it bad weather? A late arrival or just good "˜ol air traffic? Google Flights will have the answers ready. Helpfully, these notifications will show up only when Flights is at least 80% sure of its predictions.

The newest update also gives you a little more peek into what you"™re paying for if you"™re flying "˜Basic Economy"™ on American Airlines, Delta or United Airlines. Google Flights will display more information on what these include and exclude. (Basic Economy is a lower-priced fare providing most of standard Economy"™s amenitites, but with a few restrictions.) So you can check on whether the price you"™re paying to fly comes with or without options like seat selection, using overhead space or even an extra baggage fee…

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