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Guanacaste airport receives awards for best airport in the region and for its sanitary measures.
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Guanacaste airport receives awards for best airport in the region and for its sanitary measures.

During the Airport Council Internationals’ Customer Experience Global Summit ceremony held on Wednesday night in the city of Montreal, Canada, Guanacaste airport was presented as the Best Airport in Latin America and the Caribbean in the category of less than two million passengers.

This is the third year in a row that Guanacaste airport receives the award since joining the VINCI Airports network, and bringing into action its global strategy for passenger experience. The Best Airport in the Region highlights aspects such as quality, safety, hospitality, and the human warmth of the world-renowned “pura vida” spirit that welcomes tourists. These characteristics have been maintained even in the midst of the sanitary measures against Covid-19.

Additionally, the airport was recognized as the terminal with the Best Sanitary Measures in the region according to the Airport Service Quality Program (ASQ). Health actions that are carried out because of VINCI Airports’ “Protecting Each Other” campaign, based on the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization or United Nations agencies such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and that it is being implemented in its 45 airports worldwide.

Guanacaste Airport’s CEO, César Jaramillo, stated, “We are proud to know that our efforts are rewarded by the highest awards in the industry. We are constantly improving the quality of our services, and these recognitions prove that we are on the right track. This translates into trust from the airlines that embrace Guanacaste as a safe destination”.

These recognitions are the most prestigious in airport management because they are based on surveys conducted directly to the passengers. They highlighted Guanacaste airport’s aspects such as the courtesy, helpfulness and efficiency of the check-in staff, the short waiting time for security checks and the feeling of security of passengers when they are in the terminal.

“In the midst of the most challenging year in our industry’s history, ACI’s ASQ awards recognize airport members who have prioritized listening and responding to the voice of the customer – this has never been more important. I celebrate and congratulate Guanacaste Airport for setting an example for the entire industry as we rebuild crucial global connectivity and lead the world’s economic recovery.” Said Luis Felipe de Oliveira Director General of ACI World.

Another important achievement is the Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) recertification. Guanacaste Airport was the third terminal in the world to obtain this recognition. Today, more than 600 airports of all sizes have joined the program and have prioritized health and safety as a path to recovery.

The program provides airports with an assessment of how aligned their health measures are with ACI’s aviation business restart and recovery guidelines, along with industry best practices.

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