Hitit reports strong first half for 2018: New airline partnerships, awards, and added values for the airline industry

Hitit reported a very successful business performance in the first half of 2018. From January to June the leading airline and travel IT provider signed up a new airline partner; Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and started operating Kam Air from Afghanistan. Thanks to these partnerships, Hitit continues to build its presence throughout Asia. As a prestigious national flag carrier, the PIA agreement has been a remarkable example of how Hitit’s experience and expertise can embrace all industry players. Hitit also saw its revenue grow by 16% from January to June compared to the first half of 2017, while its EBITDA increased 49%.

Hitit has continued to expand its services successfully in the airline and travel IT industry during the first half of 2018, when it was recognised with awards from international associations. Airlines using Hitit’s IT solutions operate a fleet of 270 aircraft. These carriers are based in 15 countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey and Turkmenistan. Furthermore, Hitit’s Departure Control System (Crane DCS) is used in airports around the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. “This year we have expanded our geographical coverage around the world” said Nur Gokman, the CEO of Hitit, while talking about the company’s achievements in the first half of 2018.

CEO Gokman highlighted the migration of Pakistan International Airlines as another national flag carrier which chose Hitit’s Crane IT solution suite. The second new airline partner in 2018 was Kam Air operating in the challenging market of Afghanistan. She added: “I’m delighted in the way our business has developed so far,” said Ms. Gokman. “The Hitit team has delivered excellent results in the airlines IT business, marketing and sales”

Hitit’s strong performance in services and innovation was recognised as “The Leading PSS Provider of Europe” by International Transport News and Hitit CEO Nur Gokman was recognized as “The Influencer Woman CEO of The Year in Technology” by Corporate Vision Magazine.

Hitit continues to add value to the aviation industry and supports it through sponsorships of conferences such as the Wings of Change organized by IATA. By teaming up with the industry experts Travel Technology Research Ltd (T2RL), Hitit was able to provide Industry intelligence with the publication of a paper on Data Accessibility for airlines.

Hitit, established in 1994, is considered one of the top 5 global airline and travel IT solution providers in the world. Hitit’s brand “Crane” offers a comprehensive suite that serves flag carriers, low-cost and hybrid airlines, as well as ground-handling agencies with more than 65 million annual passengers. Hitit is a one stop shop for Software as a Service new generation airline IT solutions, with modules geared towards every part of an airline’s business lifecycle. With a strong team of consultants and ever changing progressive vision, Hitit is an industry leader with seamless integration, high performance implementation and customer support. With multiple sales and distribution channel support and unlimited ancillary capabilities, Hitit’s solutions and services provide airlines the ability to maximize profit and minimize costs.

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