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IATA calls for elimination of barriers that limit Europe’s aviation industry
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IATA calls for elimination of barriers that limit Europe’s aviation industry

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on European transport leaders to eliminate the barriers which limit the contribution of the aviation industry to Europe’s competitiveness.
“Two centuries ago, the Congress of Vienna agreed the borders of a new Europe. Today I call on Europe’s leaders, meeting in Vienna, to knock down barriers that limit the economic and social benefits that Europe’s aviation sector can generate,” said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s director general and ceo in an address to the European Aviation Summit in Vienna.

In 2036, 1.5 billion travellers will need to travel to/from/within Europe, creating jobs and driving a modern globally-connected economy. But Europe’s preparation to accommodate this growth — and reap the economic benefits — is not adequate.

Calling for a strengthening of the European Aviation strategy, de Juniac proposed four key areas where the Austrian EU Presidency could improve the Continent’s competitiveness by shoring up the aviation sector:

• Improving air traffic management (ATM) performance;
• Maximising the potential of current airport infrastructure;
• Enhancing competitiveness by reducing regulatory and cost burdens;
• Ensuring that borders are open to people and trade.

ATM performance

European passengers have suffered 16 million minutes of air traffic management related delays so far in 2018. Delays over the summer were more than double those experienced in summer 2017.

The European air transport sector desperately needs the benefits of modernising European air traffic management with the Single European Sky. To deliver results even as the SES initiative struggles:

• IATA is working with individual states and air navigation service providers to develop national airspace strategies (NAS) which support the SES objectives.
• IATA urges a Europe-wide focus on
o Reforming outdated work practices,
o Modernising the ATM infrastructure,
o Empowering the European Network Manager system-wide, and
o Strengthening the performance and charging scheme penalties…

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