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IATA figures show dominance of Ryanair in Europe
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IATA figures show dominance of Ryanair in Europe

Ryanair carried more passengers than easyJet and British Airways combined last year, according to figures just released from IATA.

The latest World Airline Transport Statistics show Ryanair flew more than 128 million customers last year, the highest number of any European airline.

EasyJet was the second largest, with 77 million passengers, and Lufthansa was the third largest European carrier with 60 million.

Air France was the fourth largest with 46 million, slightly more than BA’s 45 million.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: “IATA has once again confirmed that Ryanair remains Europe’s favourite airline and this report demonstrates that European consumers want the lowest fares and widest choice of routes.

He said this year Ryanair will fly 139 million customers.

Internationally, Southwest Airlines carried the most passengers (nearly 158 million), followed by Delta Air Lines (146 million) and American Airlines (145 million)…

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