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IATA survey reveals passengers want more real-time updates
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IATA survey reveals passengers want more real-time updates

Air travelers want airlines to deliver more real-time information to their personal devices, including updates on flight status (82%), baggage (49%) and wait-times at security and immigration checkpoints (46%), according to survey data from IATA’s latest Global Passenger Survey (GPS), released Oct. 2.

The survey polled 10,408 respondents from 145 countries.

According to the results, 56% of passengers polled described real-time baggage tracking as “a must.” Airlines and airports are facilitating this by implementing tracking at major journey points including loading and unloading, as well as by the proposed introduction of RFID inlays in all baggage tags manufactured after 2020.

IATA said 73% of passengers said they prefer receiving updates on their baggage through SMS or a Smartphone app, marking a 10% gain from 2017.

Regarding data usage, a majority (65%) of travelers are willing to share their personal data to gain expedited security, and 45% want to replace their passports with biometric identification. IATA has been working to shuttle passengers from curb-to-gate using a single biometric token as part of its One ID project, but the group said concerns over data privacy remain…

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