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IATA Symposium to Explore New Era of Airline Retailing
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IATA Symposium to Explore New Era of Airline Retailing

The ways changes in distribution and payment are leading towards a new era of airline retailing will be discussed during the Airline Industry Retailing Symposium (AIRS), scheduled to take place during October 23-25, in Rome.

Organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the symposium was formerly part of the World Passenger Symposium (WPS).

“Initiatives like the New Distribution Capability are enabling airlines to become true internet retailers and to control the offer in every sales channel. Concurrently, digital transformation and big data are creating huge opportunities for personalization and customization,” said Aleks Popovich, IATA’s Senior Vice President, Financial and Distribution Services.

“The result is a new era in which travelers will have more transparency and greater options to tailor their journey when they shop for travel, while airlines will be able to offer a richer, more customized retail experience, and own their content, regardless of shopping channel. The Airline Industry Retailing Symposium will examine challenges to achieving this vision for a new era of airline retailing,” he added.

The symposium’s session tracks will cover:

  • IATA logoShould airlines be retailers?
  • Who’s best at retailing?
  • Creating relevant offers,
  • Getting the offer to market,
  • Ordering, delivering and servicing,
  • Payment: Back-office matter or commercial advantage?
  • Innovating with speed…
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