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Initiatives target Latin American, Caribbean aviation
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Initiatives target Latin American, Caribbean aviation

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is encouraging Latin America and Caribbean governments to explore avenues to enhance the economic and social benefits of aviation.

During the recent Airline Leaders Forum organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), Alexandre de Juniac, the IATA’s director general, urged governments to focus on enhancing competitiveness and improving aviation infrastructure, while working toward regulatory harmonization across the region.

“Too many governments see aviation and air travel as targets for heavy taxes and fees, rather than as a catalyst for economic growth and job creation,” de Juniac said. “That is short-sighted.”

De Juniac also emphasized the need for adequate infrastructure to support current requirements and future growth, officials said.

“The capacity challenges at key hub locations such as Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City, Havana, and Santiago are well documented,” de Juniac said. “Unless they are addressed, the region’s economies will suffer.”

Officials said aviation currently supports 7.2 million jobs and $156 billion in economic activity across the Latin American and Caribbean region, representing 2.8 percent of all employment and 3.3 percent of all GDP in the region.

“Airlines in the region are at the forefront of creating multi-national business models,” de Juniac said…

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