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International travel surge propels DFW Airport to pre-pandemic levels
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International travel surge propels DFW Airport to pre-pandemic levels

The international is back in DFW International Airport.

DFW International Airport flew more flights and hosted more passengers headed to international destinations in April than it did during the same month in 2019, a remarkable feat after two years of pandemic restrictions and skepticism that crushed consumer desires to travel abroad.

Buoyed by new service from carriers such as Turkish Airlines and Finnair, DFW Airport hosted 770,000 arriving and departing international passengers in April, the best month for travelers flying in and out of the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Those numbers propelled DFW to its first month where it has exceeded pre-pandemic traffic figures for combined domestic and international travel.

“People are becoming a bit more adventurous and it’s staggering how the world has reopened,” said OAG senior analyst Jon Grant. “I think everyone is surprised at how strong the international recovery has been.”

DFW’s April numbers beat the 717,000 international passengers that the airport hosted in April 2019 by 7%, according to the most recent data for the airport. It’s a vast improvement from the 26,198 passengers the airport saw in April 2020, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic for air travel.

DFW’s recovery comes as foreign flying is rebounding across the country and worldwide with antsy travelers looking to use expiring miles, spend unused vacation time and get away to more ambitious locales for the first time in nearly three years…

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