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Jet Airways, Air France-KLM merge virtually, extend code-share agreement
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Jet Airways, Air France-KLM merge virtually, extend code-share agreement

Mumbai: India’s Jet Airways and Air France-KLM on Wednesday announced enhanced cooperation, widening their existing code-share agreement to expand their operations between Europe and India.

The agreement will see Jet Airways, India’ second largest airline by revenue, and Air France-KLM working together to develop their commercial and product offerings.

«This agreement strengthens the partnership built between these airlines since 2014 and expanded in 2016 with an extensive code-share agreement for connections between Europe and North America and Jet Airway"™ hubs in Mumbai and New Delhi via Air France-KLM’s hubs in Charles de Gaulle airport of Paris and Amsterdam-Schiphol,» the carriers said.

These airlines’ networks span 44 cities in India and 106 destinations across Europe and offer an extended network and increased capacity between Paris, Amsterdam and India.
Metal neutrality or virtual merger basically means a total indifference to whose plane is ferrying the passengers, but revenue will accrue to both sides. In this the airlines share flights, flight scheduled, parking lots for airplanes. Sources say the strategic pact may virtually be a merger…

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