JetBlue focuses on long-term planning in new enviromental and responsibility report

JetBlue released its 2016 annual environmental and responsibility report outlining the airline"™s efforts to further integrate long-term environmental planning measures and corporate responsibility into its core business. Tomorrow is Our Business highlights major developments including the announcement of one of the largest renewable jet fuel agreements in aviation history, carbon offsets totaling more than 1.7 billion pounds of CO2e emissions and the donation of more than USD 2.25 million worth of books to children in need.

This year JetBlue revamped its annual report eliminating the traditional hard copy and moving to a new fully digital version. Via responsibilityreport.jetblue.com/2016, JetBlue is reporting its biggest moves that have most impacted business, and corporate social responsibility initiatives that are of particular interest to customers and crewmembers. Additionally, JetBlue is reporting material environmental social governance (ESG) information of interest to investors with a white paper report produced according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standard for the airline industry.

"Sustainability is about smart business and transparency," said Sophia Mendelsohn, JetBlue"™s director of sustainability. "As one of the first companies and the first airline to report according to SASB"™s intensive standards, our focus is on smart disruption. We are not relying on the status quo for sustainability reporting. SASB"™s industry-specific standards help us present the most useful information to our investors, further tying sustainability to our bottom-line."

SASB maintains standards for the disclosure of material sustainability information to investors. SASB standards, available in provisional form for 79 industries including airlines, identify material sustainability factors that are likely to impact financial performance. SASB standards are designed to be cost-effective for companies and decision-useful for investors, providing both parties the ability to compare and benchmark performance.

This year"™s report highlights how JetBlue is leading by example and focuses on five key areas "“ environment, innovation, education, diversity and inclusion and caring. In 2016, JetBlue invested in emission-reducing technology, ran an airport farm and offered a helping hand to future aviators and local communities…

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