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JetBlue Has One Of Few Women Serving As President Of The Airline
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JetBlue Has One Of Few Women Serving As President Of The Airline

More diversity is required for airlines at the senior leadership level. The new COO and President of JetBlue Airlines is Joanna Geraghty. She wants to build her reputation on something other than gender. In may, she became the executive with the second highest rank. She takes notes regarding the way others react to her position with the airline. She believes she would receive a different reaction if she were male. The reactions from the crew members of JetBlue have been positive.

Joanna Geraghty does not believe gender should matter in the position. She is most likely the first woman to attain the position of President for a big United States airline since Southwest Airlines appointed Colleen Barret from 2001 until 2008. There are only two female CEO’s for the 100 top airlines worldwide other than JetBlue. These are Air Europa and VietJet Air. The CEO of Qatar Airlines is Akbar Al Baker. He stated a man is necessary to run an airline.

It has been thirteen years since Joanna Geraghty became a member of JetBlue. She previously handled aviation litigation cases for two prominent law firms. She began working for JetBlue as a mid-level attorney in 2005. She worked her way up in the legal department and eventually became the leader for the human resources team. She started working in the customer experience segment and was responsible for 15,000 employees.

For additional information please visit https://skift.com/2018/07/23/jetblues-first-female-president-wants-more-diversity-and-higher-profits/

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