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Latam Cargo expands its freight network in Europe
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Latam Cargo expands its freight network in Europe

LATAM Cargo, the leader in cargo transportation to, from and within Latin America, recently opened two direct cargo routes from Brussels and Madrid to South America, with two and one weekly frequencies respectively, making the company the only airline to offer air freighter service between these cities and the region.

LATAM Cargo recently launched direct cargo service from Brussels and Madrid to South America. The new service is part of the company"™s long-term objective of providing customers with a network that meets their cargo requirements between Europe and South America onboard passenger and freight aircraft. Accordingly, the company expanded its freighter service from two to four cities, thus becoming the only airline to offer direct cargo transport on the new routes.

The decision came in response to the region"™s growing demand as well as the need to provide alternatives to avoid the rising congestion levels at European airports. Brussels was selected to absorb the high traffic of pharmaceutical products through "Pharma", a service distinguished by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the CEIV Pharma certification, which positioned our company as the first airline in the Americas to obtain it.

The dedicated and careful service provided by Pharma coupled to the direct freight routes to South America ensure shorter transportation time for these sensitive items and therefore constitute an enormous competitive advantage for the pharma labs that have entrusted LATAM Cargo with their products. The company also plans to carry other kinds of merchandise on its two weekly flights towards the region…

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