London City airport removes 100ml liquids in hand luggage rule

London City has become the first major airport in the UK to relax rules on liquids in hand luggage, following the full implementation of new generation CT scanners at security.

Restrictions limiting passengers to carrying liquids no more than 100ml in size have been in place since August 2006, when a plot to blow up aircraft on transatlantic flights was discovered.

But the new scanning technology means travellers depearting LCY no longer need to remove electronic devices or liquids at security, and may now carry bottles containing up to two litres of liquid in their hand luggage.

The airport had been trialling the CT scanner since 2022, and has now retired its existing conventional security x-ray machines, replacing them with “a full CT security proposition” provided by technology firm Leidos.

LCY also said that the new technology can process 30 per cent more passengers per hour than the previous system.

In December last year the Department for Transport confirmed an end to the “tiny toiletries” rule by 2024, with all major airport required to replace existing 2D screening technology with more advanced CT security scanners by June of next year…

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