Luis Muñoz Marín Airport management is evaluating damages and undertaking works to resume operations

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, (ASUR), which is also a joint venture partner in Aerostar Airport Holdings, LLC that operates Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has confirmed that the airport has been closed since the evening of Tuesday 19 September as staff prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Maria.

Category 4 Hurricane Maria actually hit Puerto Rico at around 5:00am (local time) yesterday morning.

However, the airport"™s terminal buildings suffered only minor damage in sections that were out of operation before the airport was closed, says ASUR.

"Airport management is evaluating damages and undertaking necessary works to resume operations, which is estimated to happen on 21 September, on a limited basis.

"Airport infrastructure is insured against these events, therefore the company does not expect significant economic impact."

Although, the closure of the airport will affect business in the short-term for core duty free and travel retailer, Dufry "“ which operates two cross-category walkthrough stores among other standalone shops and boutiques…

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