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Most Influential Female CEO in Technology Award went to Hitit
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Most Influential Female CEO in Technology Award went to Hitit

Nur Gokman, CEO of Hitit Computer Services, has been awarded "Most Influential Female CEO 2018 in Technology" by Corporate Vision Magazine (CV), as the 2018 CV award went to Hitit"™s CEO for the first time. CV magazine recognized Nur Gokman"™s management achievements that have led to Hitit being among the world"™s leading IT providers in the airline industry. Hitit currently serves 23 airline partners, producing 65 million passenger bookings yearly worldwide, with full integration in all distribution systems.

The Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 are handpicked by Corporate Vision Magazine (CV) based on comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by the wider group. This allows the magazine to reward and promote talent on a global platform. The approach ensures the editors award on merit, not popularity, and recognise the very best individuals in business. CV magazine gained an insight into what makes Hitit a success, learning about the key decisions that have led to the position the company is in today, and the future plans to further increase Hitit"™s position in the market.

"We at Hitit are very proud of this new award. I accepted this award on behalf of our entire team and it represents again a great recognition for Hitit" said Nur Gokman, CEO of Hitit. "To be honoured by prestigious corporations gives us enormous motivation and further encourages us to continue our business growth and strengthen our position in the airline and travel IT industry. Our technology is capable of leading IT infrastructure of not only LCC"™s or hybrid airlines, but also legacy ones. In order to provide our partner airlines with best performance solutions, Hitit will continue to launch new products and functions."

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