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Norwegian to launch seasonal transatlantic services in route shuffle
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Norwegian to launch seasonal transatlantic services in route shuffle

LCC Norwegian will open two new seasonal routes this year as it continues to modify transatlantic services.

The company will serve two new summer routes over the Atlantic, with Barcelona-Chicago starting in June and Athens-New York JFK operating from July. Both will continue until the end of the summer season timetable in late October.

The routes will be operated with Boeing 787s.

Announcing the new services, Norwegian said there was continued increase in demand on both sides of the Atlantic.

However, the company has been shuffling its transatlantic services in recent months. In October 2018, the airline withdrew its short-lived services from Belfast, Northern Ireland to the New York and Boston areas, while flights from Edinburgh, Scotland serving New York and Boston will disappear from March 30.

Both Barcelona and Athens offer the prospect of larger passenger catchment areas than the UK regional airports.

The Scandinavian LCC is moving away from a policy of rapid growth—which has led to fears about sustainability—to a more profit-based approach that involves optimizing its global network.

The airline launched a rights issue to raise $350 million to shore up its balance sheet and has announced plans to cut additional aircraft from its fleet…

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