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Passengers say they love these 10 U.S. airlines the most
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Passengers say they love these 10 U.S. airlines the most

Customer satisfaction with air travel increased 6 points in 2018, according to a study released this week from global market research company J.D. Power. The increase comes after nearly every airline has added improvements in the past year after a spate of public relations disasters, said Brian Sumers, airline reporter for travel industry site Skift.

"This is a great time to be a traveler," Sumers said. "For the most part, planes are on-time, cabins are clean, service is acceptable, and the food, while rarely free, is increasingly edible. And when things do go wrong, airlines are empowering customers "” especially those who download mobile apps "” to make their own decisions about rebooking."

Some airlines have increased reimbursement for passengers who are bumped from flights in response. Others have revamped menus and added improvements to in-flight entertainment. Airlines in North America saw improvements across all categories measured by J.D. Power, including more efficient ticket booking and better luggage handling.

Here are the major airlines ranked by customer satisfaction:

1. Alaska Airlines

2. Delta Air Lines

3. Air Canada…

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