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Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines, assumes the Presidency of ALTA
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Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines, assumes the Presidency of ALTA

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) announces that Pedro Heilbron – Executive President of Copa Airlines and Vicepresident of ALTA’s Executive Committee – assumes the interim Presidency of ALTA until the next elections, according to the statutes of the association.

Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ALTA’s Executive Director, comments: «Pedro Heilbron has been President of the ALTA’s Executive Committee twice and we are sure that his leadership will bring once again important value to the activities the association has been carrying to be more effective and to promote the true value of aviation as an economic and social engine for the region».

«I am pleased to assume the interim presidency of ALTA, with the objective of further strengthening the roles of commercial aviation and connectivity as strategic axes for the development and promotion of Latin American markets, generating new and greater opportunities for commercial and tourist investment», comments Pedro Heilbron, Executive President of Copa Airlines.

«We want to deeply thank Hernán Rincón for role performed during nearly two years as President of ALTA’s Executive Committee. In this period of important transformations for ALTA, Hernán played a fundamental support role in the establishment of our headquarters in Panama and the implementation of a profound cultural change so that today we have a much more efficient team and a strategy that allows the association to focus on what is relevant to our members and the industry, expanding the value that air transport generates to the populations we serve», adds de Oliveira.

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