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Qantas have changed their carry-on baggage allowances
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Qantas have changed their carry-on baggage allowances

Australian airlines have jumped on board the ‘baggage crackdown’ trend over recent months. The traditional 7kg of carry-on luggage plus a handbag per passenger has been reduced to 7kg of carry-on in total per passenger in Australia, which means that your carry-on bag and hand bag must not exceed 7kg in total. However, it seems that one Australian airline is bucking the trend, and might just win themselves some new customers.

Qantas has most recently won the title of Safest Airline in the World, and now the Australian carrier has increased their carry-on luggage weight restrictions. Qantas passengers on domestic flights will soon be able to board their flights with a carry-on bag weighing up to 10kg, plus a second personal item or bag weighing up to 4kg.

The weight limit change comes into effect from March 25. Currently, Qantas passengers on domestic flights are only allowed to bring two items of carry-on luggage not exceeding 7kg each.

The 14kg per customer rule still stands on Qantas flights, however it has been adjusted to allow for one personal item to be bigger than the other. The physical size limits for Qantas carry-on baggage allowances remain the same…

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