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Qatar Airways Cargo achieves CEIV Live Animals
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Qatar Airways Cargo achieves CEIV Live Animals

Qatar Airways Cargo has become the fourth airline in the world to achieve IATA’s CEIV Live Animals certification.

The certification applies at Qatar Airways’ Doha headquarters and the QAS Cargo Doha hub, and covers all animals (amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fish, invertebrates, mammals, or reptiles) that Qatar Airways Cargo is authorised to carry.

As well as being the fourth airline globally to achieve the standard, Qatar Cargo is the first in the Middle East. The carrier achieved the certification after six months of “intense process and product audits”.

Miguel Rodriguez Moreno, senior manager cargo climate control products, said: “The CEIV Live Animals certification depicts that our handling, infrastructure, quality management, and training framework are in line with industry standards.

“It highlights our compliance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations alongside the Transportation of Wildlife and Animal Welfare (TWAW) Group Policy, and it shows that we have a robust supplier management system in place, allowing our principles to be implemented globally.

“Further, it illustrates our commitment to continuously improving industry standards when it comes to the transportation of live animals, and we thank the IATA auditors for their constructive contribution in this regard.”

Brendan Sullivan, IATA’s global head of cargo, added: “Having Qatar Airways, one of the largest transporters of live animals, achieve CEIV Live Animals certification is a significant boost not only for the airline’s customers, who can be confident that their precious cargo will arrive safely, but also the region.”

The airline said that around 9% of all live animals transported globally by air, travel onboard a Qatar Airways flight…

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