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Ranked: The Best And Worst Airlines In America (USA)
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Ranked: The Best And Worst Airlines In America (USA)

Today, The Points Guy "” a brand that specializes in air travel, frequent flyer miles and points "” released the 2018 Best Airlines Report. Coming on the heels of a news-worthy year for aviation and travel in general ( anyone remember when United pulled the guy off the plane? ), this second-annual report ranks the best American airlines, as well as the worst airlines in America.

Here, we reveal the overall list, which was compiled using a strategic methodology based on data and a set of 10 criteria in categories ranging from price (airfare, baggage, change fees) to headaches (lost baggage, involuntary bumps). Then we share the rankings in each individual area. We also chat with The Points Guy himself, CEO/founder Brian Kelly, about the results. Whether you’re an aviation geek or just love to hate the airlines, his comments might surprise you.

Drumroll, please, as we reveal The Points Guy’s list of the best "” and worst "” airlines in America.

Overall Rankings: The Best And Worst Airlines

These are the results, ranked from best to worst. You can find a link to last year"™s rankings here:

Alaska Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Frontier Airlines
American Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

Ranked By Category: The Winners And The Losers

Below, you’ll find the best-ranked airline "” and the worst "” for each of the 10 weighted criteria that The Points Guy considered. ..

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