Review the leading practices of successful airlines in this IATA course in Miami

Review the leading practices of successful airlines from both the low cost and network carrier sectors. Learn to incorporate necessary procedures to maintain a viable cost reduction program within your organization with ‘IATA Airline Leading Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies course’ to be taught by industry expert and international consultant René Armas Maes, that will be held at IATA Training Center in Miami, United States, during Jul 10 – Jul 14, 2017.

«As global airlines continue evolving and adjusting their business models, this training course will focus on analyzing airline business models (Ultra, low-cost, long-haul and legacy carriers) to remain viable and competitive. Moreover, which are the key elements to successfully contain costs from a legacy carrier point of view in light of low cost models expansion. In addition, what is the best strategy and cost structure to launch low-cost standalone and/or subsidiary entities (within a legacy airline brand) and what are the key challenges and opportunities global carriers and different business models are facing today in order to contain cost, optimize revenues, increase productivity, and overall increase profitability and ROIC» commented René Armas Maes.

Upon completing this course you will be able to:
Analyze the low-cost carrier business model, including its strengths and weaknesses
Determine the impact of global economics on your airline’s cost base
Apply lessons learned from successful airlines by examining their models and strategies to understand how they compete in the market
Implement cost management, revenue generation strategies, and competitive techniques that are relevant in today’s marketplace

For more information please enter this link:Â http://www.iata.org/training/courses/Pages/airline-cost-reduction-talg36.aspx

* IATA instructor René Armas  is a commercial and international consultant with 15 years of experience in revenue and EBITDA growth, new product development, cost containment, strategic planning and business restructuring. He has participated in a number of global Low-Cost Carrier feasibility and review projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Through his professional career, he brings a key focus on transforming businesses, expanding profitability, optimizing day-to-day operations and returns. Armas earned an MBA from John Molson School of Business in Canada and he is Managing Director at Jet Link International LLC an aviation consultancy firm and leads a number of international engagements and consultants.
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