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Spanish Airline Evelop! Will Use Modern Plane Fly to Cuba
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Spanish Airline Evelop! Will Use Modern Plane Fly to Cuba

The Spanish airline EVELOP! will soon start using the newly manufactured Airbus A350-900 on its flights to Cuba, beginning in May.

The aircraft will transfer travelers who, from Spain, wish to visit the Caribbean, in particular the wonderful destination Cuba, according to information disclosed on the website of the Onlinetours agency.

On Next May 5, it is scheduled to arrive in Havana, in the context of the International Tourism Fair which will be held from May 6 through 11 and which will have Spain as guest of honor.

The publication stresses that the flight will also happen in the context of the 500th anniversary of San Cristóbal de La Habana.

‘The beautiful Havana is immersed in a group of celebrations with a view to promoting its half millennium, as a significant pretext that attracts travelers from all over the world to share the celebrations,’ it adds…

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