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The Aviation Industry Finally Discovers Silicon Valley
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The Aviation Industry Finally Discovers Silicon Valley

The aviation industry has discovered Silicon Valley, and it"™s now in full migration mode. Europe"™s Airbus and Brazil"™s Embraer have touched down in the Bay Area. So has JetBlue. Lufthansa launched direct service between San Jose and Frankfurt last year, and is rumored to be considering setting up its own "innovation outpost" nearby.

The reasons are clear. Silicon Valley"™s deep talent pool and seemingly endless ability to generate smart, large-scale, technology-based ideas across industries could help hyper-competitive aviation entities quickly upgrade their offerings and improve their operations.

"It"™s no longer good enough to wait for change to come to your industry; you need to be out there where it"™s happening," said Brad Power, an innovation consultant with FCB Partners. That"™s as true for the aviation business as it is for the auto, retail, manufacturing, and communications companies gathering south of San Francisco. "These skills are often far removed from their core skills. They could try to build them, but it would take a long time, and the cultures are often very different"…

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