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These 7 Airports Have the Happiest Travelers in America (USA)
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These 7 Airports Have the Happiest Travelers in America (USA)

Have you ever watched businesspeople and families waltzing through the airport smiling and thought to yourself, Why do they look so damn happy? When you"™re waking up at 3 a.m. to head to the airport for your flight, spending $10 for an airport beer, or heading out to visit your in-laws, you"™ll probably associate your bad attitude with traveling.

TripIt shows that some airports simply produce happier flyers. These are the seven airports with America"™s happiest travelers, along with a few other factors that may influence your mile-high mood.

7. Santa Ana "“ SNA

John Wayne Airport in Orange County ranked seventh on the list of the happiest travelers by departure airport. The airport"™s promotional video boasts that while some airports are just "places you fly out of," SNA is one "you experience."

They may be onto something. The airport offers familiar dining options like California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and, of course, a Starbucks, while also giving travelers some that are "distinctly Orange County," such as Javi"™s. SNA has a few shops for sundries and travel necessities.

6. San Antonio "“ SAT

The San Antonio International Airport offers more than just Tex-Mex cuisine. The airport, which sees the sixth happiest travelers fly out of its gates, is also home to public art. As a facility of the City of San Antonio, the Airport is home to exhibits, installations, and rotating temporary exhibits. These exhibits are administered by Public Art San Antonio (PASA).

Don"™t worry, they still have plenty of good options if you"™re craving Mexican food. R Sala Bebida Botana Bar boasts "light fare with a distinctive San Antonio Mex-Chic flavor," on the airport"™s website.

5. Oakland "“ OAK

Oakland International Airport has won bragging rights, making TripIt"™s list as the fifth happiest hubs for both departing and arriving travelers. "Traveling is hard enough. We try to make it a little easier," the website says.

If you"™re willing to spend the bigger bucks, book your spot in OAK"™s Escape Lounge. It offers a space to relax before your flight and enjoy "fine fresh food," regardless of what airline or class you"™re flying…

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