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Top CEOs respond to Hurricane Harvey
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Top CEOs respond to Hurricane Harvey

A number of America"™s most prominent employers are pledging their support for storm-stricken staff as Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc across the greater Houston area.

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the ongoing natural disaster in an email to employees and said the company was matching employee donations two-for-one.

"Thanks to your generosity and that of our users, Apple has helped raise more than $1 million in just the past few days," he wrote in a message to staff. "That"™s in addition to the $2 million Apple pledged to the Red Cross over the weekend."

Texas is home to more than 8,700 Apple employees and Cook said the company"™s global crisis management team is working to support those directly affected by the flooding.

"Our thoughts are with our employees in the storm zone and the millions of people whose lives have been disrupted by rain, wind and floods," he added.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munos has also pledged as much as $1 million of his own money to match donations to the company"™s employee-relief fund.

"We are all in this together, which is why I will personally match your contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $1 million," Munoz said in a letter to employees.

The Chicago-based airline and its customers have also raised more than $1 million for a broader public relief effort for Houston, which included a $200,000 contribution by United.

Coca-Cola has also pledged $1 million to the relief efforts and said it would be working with the Red Cross and other organisations to donate water, milk and additional beverages to those affected…

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