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Bluesmart visits the President of Argentina
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Bluesmart visits the President of Argentina

This week we had the immense honor of being invited by the new President of Argentina, Mr. Mauricio Macri, to visit him at his office at "Casa Rosada" ("Pink House"), the President"™s the executive mansion. He wanted to learn first hand from us the story of Bluesmart, given that it was founded by Argentinean entrepreneurs and that we"™re starting to have a global impact.

My co-founder Tomi Pierucci and I traveled to Buenos Aires representing the team and told him our origin story and our dreams of creating a global brand to bring true innovations to the market and inspire and empower people from all over the world to travel and explore our planet. We also told him about our new office in Buenos Aires and our ambitious plans to expand our R&D team in Argentina, creating new high value jobs for the country. The President congratulated our progress so far!

We had then the opportunity to discuss ideas about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation as fundamental drivers of any modern economy and how Argentina is specially positioned to be a hub for creativity and engineering in the connected global economy. We invited him to come visit our Headquarters in San Francisco, California, and to take advantage to visit the places in Silicon Valley where the bleeding edge of innovation is happening, such as our partners at Y Combinator, Uber and Airbnb among others.

Finally Mr. President told us that he loves his new Bluesmart Carry-on and even gave us some product ideas! He suggested and alarm that would sound when the suitcase is lost (actually great idea Mr. President!) and said that the look and feel could easily compete with a Versace!..


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