Passenger wakes up from flight to find himself in a locked, cold, dark and empty plane!

Imagine if you fell asleep on your flight and didn"™t wake up on landing. Take that a step further and imagine none of the passengers or crew had spotted you as they disembarked. They all leave, leaving you alone on the plane. Now spare a thought for Tom Wagner for whom this precise scenario happened.

Wagner was en route from Louisiana to visit his sister in California last Friday and was due to transfer planes in Houston. He had made his way to the rear of on ExpressJet flight 4245 to Houston where he was due to get a connecting flight, but had soon nodded off.

The next thing he knew, he"™d awoken on the plane to find it was empty, locked, dark and cold. Thankfully he was able to telephone his girlfriend who alerted the airline and he was released just half an hour later, but imagine if he didn"™t have the…

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