Where to Find Quiet Places at an Airport for that Conference Call

Need to jump on a conference call right after your flight lands? Or make a few phone calls before boarding your flight? Or maybe just need a quiet zone to de-stress from work, from travel, from everything?

I often have every one of these needs each time I travel. So where do I find this quiet space in busy airports? While each airport may offer different types of quiet zones, here is my go-to list to seek out:

(1) An empty gate area. There is almost always an empty gate area, whether it’s nearby your flight or perhaps down a different corridor of the airport. The display board above a gate typically shows the time of the next flight at that particular gate, so I look for an area where there will not be a flight for two to three hours. There may be a few early birds who have arrived for this flight, but the area will usually be quiet enough for a call.

International gates are worth walking to, either in your same terminal or perhaps switching terminals. These gate areas are often less busy during the day, though busier in the evenings…

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