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IATA Condemns Recent Terror Attacks
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The International Air Transportation (IATA), a member of the Global Travel Association Coalition (GTAC), supports GTACs condemnation of recent terror attacks. The leaders of GTAC, meeting in Montreal on the occasion of the 2015 ICAO World Aviation Forum, issued the following statement:

"We condemn the terror attacks in recent days and weeks and extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of all the victims affected by such senseless violence. Our thoughts are with them at this terrible time.

Terrorism is a global threat that can only be addressed through the strong and concerted efforts of the world"™s governments and the international community.

The Travel & Tourism sector recalls that security is a prerequisite for tourism and therefore the sector is fully available to cooperate with governments to include tourism representatives from the public and private sectors in national security planning and implementation structures and procedures. Our sector is fully available to apply its experience to work even closer with governments around the world to develop the appropriate response and recovery plans for the sector where necessary."

Security is a top priority for all aspects of the aviation industry, alongside safety and sustainability. "Civil aviation and the international tourism that it enables are instruments of peace. Their violation by terror attacks in recent week"”including the claimed downing of an airliner"”is unacceptable by any measure. Protecting their citizens from terror is inherently a government responsibility. We are confident in government resources and intelligence to combat emerging threats. And we are resolute in our commitment to work together under the leadership of governments to keep our passengers and crew safe," said Tony Tyler, IATA"™s Director General and CEO.

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