IATA, WMO to Expand Aircraft Weather Observation Program

The International Air Transport Assn. (IATA) has agreed to a new arrangement that will help expand a global aviation weather monitoring system that currently produces 700,000 weather observations per day. Under a new agreement, IATA and the World Meteorological Org. (WMO) will attempt to expand the current operations of the global Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) system.

According to WMO, the AMDAR system was launched in the 1980s, as an extension of the organization"™s Global Telecommunications System (GTS). Through data and information collected by aircraft avionics, onboard sensors, and communications systems, AMDAR uses data links to transmit information to ground automation stations.

WMO"™s GTS processes the data once it reaches the ground stations and then relays the two nationally operated meteorological and hydrological weather services. AMDAR"™s 700,000 daily weather observations feature air temperature and wind speed and direction, together with the required positional and temporal information and with an increasing number of humidity and turbulence measurements being made.

Data collected by AMDAR is used for weather monitoring and prediction for commercial aviation operators worldwide. However, the data is also used for other weather related processes, such as public weather forecasting, climate monitoring and prediction…


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